Dimension Defender

Made with PSDK

Version 2.X

Dimension Defender is a Pokémon fangame developed with PSDK that takes place in the Ishiria region and in a lot of dimensions.

You play the role of a young hero who has amnesia for the first 10 years of his life, but who, on his 20th birthday, sets off on an adventure to discover the laws surrounding dimensions, in order to better protect himself and perhaps learn more about the world that took him in. Travel alongside Kawa and Eiden, who will be your travelling companions, and meet many other characters who will spice up your adventure.

  • 4 different stories leading to a common ending
  • Lots of different dimensions, each with its own theme
  • Plenty of side quests to evolve your favorite Pokémon
  • A big Pokedex for fans of older Pokémon and those who prefer Fakemon
  • Bosses to face in Ishiria to earn lot of rewards
  • Gyms inspired by ultra-dimension

New battle UI, Pokémon in Overworld, Mana to complete puzzles, Dynamic Light system in specific areas, Trainer don't attack you, Crafting table, etc...


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Project Artist

Cataries, Emilily, Enaphos, Nastimz, AkyZura, Pic_Aboo

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