Pokémon Umbra

Player appearance

The story

The player comes from a family of successful trainers - two of your cousins, Martin and Mariana, have high positions in the Vereshad region. Martin being one of the region's gym leaders and Mariana being the champion, your parents would often compare you to them. Finally deciding it's time to become a trainer and prove yourself, you meet with the new temporary Professor, Professor Sakura, to get your starter Pokémon and begin your journey. While there you meet with your childhood friend Damien and someone entirely new to this region, Eva!

During your adventure you'll learn more about your friends, but more importantly you'll be learning more about the region and it's rich lore. How did Vereshad become this melting-pot of culture? Where is the original Professor - Professor Ilex? Why is Sakura sitting in for Ilex? Who is Team Radiance ? What is their motive?

Who is the legendary Pokémon, and what is it's power?

Unique starters

During your journey in the Vereshad Region you'll be aided by one of three Pokémon that Professor Sakura has brought back from her journeys as a researcher.
These three are known as the Psychic-type Psypole, Fighting-type Boxeroo, and Dark-type Seijitsu! All coming from their own unique regions.

Which will you pick?


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Download not yet available.

For our first demo we are aiming to go up to the first gym, so look forward to that when it comes out!

Unique features

  • Entirely Fakémon dex (~250+)
  • A working GTS
  • New moves and abilities unique to this project
  • New Pokéballs and healing items
  • New evolution methods
  • Custom UI
  • Lots of custom tiles
  • A bug-catching and fishing contest reminiscent of the Johto's Bug Catching Contest!
  • Friendship system with important characters
  • Dynamic world/events
  • PLA style move-relearning system
  • A lot of features PSDK comes with like multiple saves, following Pokémon
  • And more™


Sound Effects


Overworld Sprites

Ekat & Michael


Adar makes the movepools, stats, abilities, etc

Summary Screen and Type Icons


Cindy's Design



Sapphire, PickyPixelArtist, Ekat, Michael, Magiscarf, Chromuh, Peekychew, Derlo, ShawnFrost, Zein, InmortalKaktus, WesleyFG, Cope, CrazyClidde, ChaoticCherryCake, logiedant, Warpras, KyleDove, Speedialga, Spacemotion, Alucus, Pokemon-Diamond, Kizemaru-Kurunosuke, EpicDay, Thurpok, UltimoSpriter, Dewitty, Minorthreat0987, TyranitarDark, Heavy-Metal-Lover, kaitoooo, BoOmxBiG, CrimsonTakai, PkmnAlexandrite, Kaliser, JesusCarrasco, Newtiteuf, Zeo, Pablus94

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