Understand and know the details of the Sugimori style

In this article are listed various tutorials, in various forms, to help you understand and better know the details of Sugimori style.

For any fan game creator of the Pokémon universe, the name of Ken Sugimori is known and respected. Designer of the original artworks for the Pokémon games, he also made artworks for the movies and the trading card game.

For the older ones among us, or simply the most collectors, he is the designer of many cards of the first series released in the late 90s.

How to draw Pokémon

To learn how to draw Pokémon (and thus your own Fakemon), here is a list of some tutorials:

How to draw characters

To learn how to draw characters in the style of Pokémon, here is a list of some tutorials:

To go further

Feel free to take as many references as possible when drawing, to train your eyes and improve your reflexes on the style of Pokémon artists like Take, Megumi Mizutani, Ken Sugimori or Yusuke Omura.