How to Change User's Appearance

Quick Info

PSDK will automatically set the appearance in a format like this: {appearance}_{gender}_{state}

Meaning that PSDK decides the user's appearance based on a few things:

  • The appearance set
  • The gender set
  • The user's current state (walking/running/surfing/etc.)
Screenshot: Event defining the appearance, gender and name of the user

If you look at the intro event you may notice two things:

  • You must specify the gender and the appearance in a script
  • The gender is defined by a switch, so there's actually two ways to set it. Either set switch 1 to ON if you're playing a female (off for male), or set it through the script like shown in the event above.
# Sets the user's gender to female (false for male)
# Sets the user's appearance

NOTE: Remember to launch extendtext.exe at least once so each line fits!

Default States

The default supported states you can find in your graphics/characters folder are:

  • Walking (walk)
  • Running (run)
  • Swamp walking (swamp)
  • Swamp running (swamp_run)
  • Swamp sinking (swamp_sinking)
  • Deep swamp sinking (deep_swamp_sinking)
  • Surfing (surf)
  • Fishing (fish)
  • Fishing while surfing (surf_fish)
  • Pokecenter (pokecenter)
  • Bike stop (cycle_stop)
  • Bike roll (cycle_roll)
  • Bike roll to wheelie (cycle_roll_to_wheel)
  • Bike wheelie (cycle_wheel)