How to use the FollowMe system

Since 2014 PSDK has a really interesting Following System! This system allows the player to be followed by :

  • Its Pokémon
  • Its friends (Heroes in the RMXP data base from 2 upto infinity)
  • Its friend's Pokémon ($storage.other_party)

It's allso possible to make an event following another event.

Management of the Following System

Activation / Deactivation.

To activate the following system, switch the switch 19 "FollowMe Actif" on. To disable it just switch off the same switch.

Temporary deactivation

If for any reason (like surf) you need to temporarilly disable the Following System, just write this in the events :

  • deactivation :Yuki::FollowMe.smart_disable
  • re-activation :Yuki::FollowMe.smart_enable(won't enable the system if it was disabled beforesmart_disable).

Note : If you don't want the following System to re-enable when the player is on by, use this :

Yuki::FollowMe.smart_enable unless $game_switches[::Yuki::Sw::EV_Bicycle] || $game_switches[::Yuki::Sw::EV_AccroBike]

Define the number of Trainer's following Pokemon

To define the number of your Pokémon who'll be following you, set the right value in the variable 19 "Nb Pokémon Suiveurs". 0 = no Pokémon, 1 = the first, 2 = the first & the second etc...

Define the number of friend who's following you

The variable 18 "Nb Humain Suiveurs" define the number of friend (Heroes from RMXP database starting from 2) who's following you.

Define the number of your Friend's Pokémon following you

Use the variable 20 "Nb Pkm Ami Suiveurs". It works like the variable 19.

Move a follower

If for any reason you need to move a follower, change the variable 21 "Follower Selectionné" and move the player (the selected follower will be the first if variable 21 is equal to 1, the second if 2 etc...)

Change the Z property of the player an its followers

To prevent graphic glitches with the bridges, it's recommanded to hide the z property change (4 <-> 0) in a event in strairs using this command :


It's recommanded to replace z by 4 when you need the player to cross a bridge. And set z to 0 if you want him to get back to the regular layer.

Use the FollowMe on events

All Game_Character objects can follow other Game_Character objects. Call the set_follower of the followed event to make another event follow it.

Example, Event 001 following Event 002 :


Example, Event 005 following the player (player's Pokémon will follow the event) :


Unlink event

To make event stops following the player, use the following command: