Who is developing PSDK?

As you may know PSDK (Pokémon SDK) has been created by Nuri Yuri. Now several people work on the engine, if you want to see a complete list, go to the PSDK Credit page, this page contain a little list.


PSDK is maintained by several people. Those person are responsive of checking if your contributions are correct. They also do some work on the base engine. Here's the name of those people:

  • Aerun
  • Palbolsky
  • Rey


Thanks to those people, PSDK has progressed a bit in several ways. Here's the name of the people who contributed to Pokémon SDK:

  • Enigmix
  • joeyw
  • Leikt
  • Lexio
  • Lynn
  • MarcRobin
  • Matatix
  • Metaiko
  • Scor
  • SoloReprise
  • Venturix
  • Zozo

UI Design

Of course, Pokémon SDK wouldn't look that good without those people:

  • SirMalo
  • Jayzon
  • Eurons
  • Mud'