Autorun Toggle Option

It's been a while since I originally posted this resource and since then PSDK has had some nice updates! One is a Plugin Manager, which makes installing things like this a lot easier for you. Previously you had to go in and modify a bunch of code, but no more! Now you will only have to add the options text.

How to install

1.) Download AutoRunOption.psdkplug and put it in your game's scripts folder
2.) Open your Data\configs\game_options_config.json and add "toggled_running_choice" to the list of options
3.) Launch the game

Additional steps

If you want the text in your options menu to look right or just modify them:
1.) Go to Data/Text/Dialogs and open 100042.csv (use VSCode/Notepad/whatever, make sure it's still a CSV when saved)
2.) Make sure line 11 says whatever you want to represent "on" and 12 to represent "off"
3.) By default I use line 68 for the title "Auto Run" and line 69 for the description of the option. (This can be changed in scripts/00000 Plugins/xxxxx AutoRunOption/00100 Options_Menu.rb.)