Undertale-like Message Sound

Undertale-like Message Sound, or Undertale BloopBloop for those who knew the very first version, lets you play little sounds at regular intervals during certain messages, like in the indie game Undertale.

How to install the plugin?

0). If you possessed an earlier version of the plugin (should be named Undertale_BloopBloop.psdkplug), delete it. The newest version will take over.
1). Download Undertale-like Message Sound.psdkplug and add the file to the scripts folder of your project
2). Launch PSDK for it to register the plugin.
3). Read the file Undertale-like Message Sound README.md present in the folder scripts/00000 Plugins/XXXXX Undertale-like Message Sound (added by the plugin).
4). Have fun! :)

How to use the plugin?

As written in the section "How to install the plugin ?", a file named Undertale-like Message Sound README.md will explain how to use it. Please read it!

Changelog : — October 4th, 2023:

- Fixed a loading problem with the PluginManager due to a PSDK constant being renamed recently

- Added a bloop_mod message tag to help in not having to write four parameters in the bloop_sound message tag — October 17th, 2022:

- First version of the plugin

Credit :