Forêt Éternelle

Non-profit Pokémon RPG launched in 2012 during a discussion between friends. Forêt Éternelle is an independent game created by fans for fans.

Join the community on Discord!
Join the community on Discord!

Our goal?

Renew with the codes that have made the franchise so successful and offer players a unique video game experience. Based on the anime, the video games and the manga Pokémon: The Great Adventure, we hope to create a Fan Game with a more mature atmosphere, with a storyline that wants to be as worked as possible.

Draphorius, main legendary of the game
Draphorius, main legendary of the game

Main characters

Yana, personnage principale du jeu
Swan, personnage principal du jeu

New creatures awaits you!

Forêt Éternelle has more than 150 new Pokémon imagined and designed for the game. Will you be ready to catch them all?

Pokémon starters

Smettle, the Bad Grass Pokémon
Smettle, the Bad Grass Pokémon
Pachyball, the Elephant Pokémon
Pachyball, the Elephant Pokémon
Squini, the Squid Pokémon
Squini, the Squid Pokémon

Live an exciting adventure!

Screenshot of the hero facing the first faceable trainer
Battle trainers from many regions of the game

Young Pokémon trainer looking for adventure, you take part in the junior tournament held at Pallet Town. But on your triumphant return, mom and dad are not there to congratulate you. Even more curious, a mysterious letter addressed to you is on the floor of your room. You learn that your parents have been kidnapped and that you’re asked to meet one of the kidnappers after dark. A man in black will be waiting for you. Although his intentions are vague you understand that you have no choice: you must cooperate if you want to see your parents alive.

This will mark the beginning of an undercover mission to the country’s largest criminal organization: Team Rocket. Who knows what terrible secrets Team Rocket is hiding? And why do the thugs who kidnapped your family ask you to collaborate with their dark business? Between morale and duty, you have to choose... and above all act carefully!

Traveling through the Kanto Region, passing by the Orange Archipelago and much more, you will meet incredible Pokémon and face famous trainers...

Screenshot of the player meeting Misty in her Pokémon Gym
Collect badges from their gyms!

A new gameplay!

High resolution

The game interfaces are realized in a native screen resolution of 720p

Pokémon's memory

Pokémon remembers learned moves, allowing you to modify them outside of battles

Sides quests

Side quests that give you more content and strengthen the lore of your little monsters

An original skill tree

By choosing among three available branches, you can personalize your gameplay

Achievements system

Your actions allow you to unlock achievements that you can see in your Poké-Nav.

Day Care monitoring

The Poké-Nav allows you to monitor your Pokémon placed at the Day Care remotely

Screenshot of a battle between two Pokémon invented for the game
Enjoy new user interfaces & new battle backgrounds!

Used technologies

  • Game Engine : Pokémon SDK & the LiteRGSS (Ruby 3.0.0)
  • Default game screen size : 1280x720 pixels
  • Audio Management Library : FMOD
  • Map editing : Tiled
  • Game data editing : Pokémon Studio
  • Events editing : RPG Maker XP

The development team

Project Director


Community Management

Aurazen, Ilpiccoluca


ArnaudM, Hitarion, Venturix


Gwendal, Mikeless

Composition & Sound Design

Barbedor Musique, KunningFox

Concept Art & Character Design

Daze, Koda, Octologue, oktorisuyet, TheFearFear, Tokay, Vish

Pixel Art

CheveuxMan, Næreide, Ne♂s, Yusiki

UI/UX Design




Level Design

Avori, CheveuxMan, Kora

Translation & Localization

Armand Husson aka MrPingu8, Jonas Dormoy aka PawTiger, Soliquy, Veinas


Ethiliel Gautier, Nuri Yuri, Opposyte, Palbolsky, Rey


Here are the full game credits.

Join the adventure!

We need you, trainers!

The Forêt Éternelle development team needs new talent to deliver its next content update.

Forêt Éternelle is a volunteer project. Its goal is to allow each contributor to bring their ideas to life and to learn from a team of passionate people.

If you are insterested please contact Aerun#3192 by DM.

You can also talk about it to people around you, in case they are interested!

The list of fields in which we recruit

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This game has been made using Pokémon SDK. Click on that text to check the credits of Pokémon SDK