The Tower of Hats

Made Using - RPGMaker XP & the Pokemon SDK kit

Theme "Rejuvination"

Average Runtime: 1.5 - 2 Hours


It's been a tough year for the protagonist, Camille. Having recently been denied entry to a big tournament, she was hoping to join, a new hope arose when an invite came in the mail to a brand new tournament! Out on a tropical island, the "Tower of Hats" tournament resides for you to re-claim hope, joy and victory! Though it may be a short game, are you ready to become the tournament champion?


Screenshots of tower of hats


  • Several locations to explore, steeped in lore and detailed atmosphere!
  • A unique set of Pokemon to catch and train as you climb the battle tower!
  • 6 instant-catch Pokeballs and no PC; creating a more serious need to strategize!
  • PSDK's lovely features including unique UI, multiple saves and smooth FPS!
  • Unique regional variants to battle by enemy trainers!
  • The chance to play as Camille, an unused trainer found in the files of Pokemon Masters!
  • The story of a girl, surpassing her depression and finding her purpose in life!

Dev Notes

  • For the current version of PSDK, not all moves and abilities work for Pokemon, so be aware of that.
  • Previously there were trades, but they were removed since their code was breaking the game.
  • Fakemon don't have party sprites when showing battle abilities; I just wasn't able to make them.
  • I have no idea where you will end up if you use Teleport or Dig outside of battle, so save first just in case.
  • Some moves say they can't be used, but it's just because their effects aren't added. The majority of the moves work.

Known Issues

  • The Battle-End music continues to play even after a battle if you have caught a Pokemon. To reset the area's music you can leave the area, press f12 to soft reset or enter another battle.
  • The same happens sometimes when you lose a wild battle; can only be fixed with a soft reset.


TW: This game may contain scenes of some dark themes such as discussing depression and death. This is not recommended for a younger audience.

Download the game from MediaFire


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Trainer Team-Building Help


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This game has been made using Pokémon SDK. Click on that text to check the credits of Pokémon SDK