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The most promising Starter Kit to create your monster taming games.

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Pokémon SDK enables game developers and creators across the world to create a 2D monster taming game with greater freedom and flexibility than ever before. It takes the form of an RPG Maker XP project and is installed when creating a project with Pokémon Studio.

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Fluidity is assured

Pokémon SDK ensures a pleasant game experience, especially thanks to its optimization. No more lags or display problems!

PSDK framerate debug

A multi-language support

Export your game texts with ease so you can translate them.

Translating for PSDK in Studio

One-click updates

One click is all it takes to update your game from the dedicated interface on Pokémon Studio.

One click update from Studio

An open source software

Pokémon SDK simplifies teamwork and contribution to the engine through Git and versioning.

Git graph showing contributions

Simplified creation

Creating your own game interfaces has never been easier. By organizing your code according to Ruby's best practices, you can give your game all the originality it needs.

Une interface originale développée avec Pokémon SDK

Pokémon features

With PSDK, take advantage of most of the features needed to make a Pokémon-like game.

Searching items in the bag

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Any community needs its members to grow, and any open source software needs contributors. Want to help to develop the engine? You are at the right place!

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Pokémon SDK is free and installed when you create a new project with Pokémon Studio. To get it, join our Discord server and let rocaBot guide you.

Use plugins

Pokémon SDK has a great plugin manager allowing you to improve your game with a simple installation process!



You’re getting started and need some first step guidance, or you’re a seasoned user and want to push the engine to its limits, you will find all the help you need here.

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