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Bring your ideas to life, in just a few clicks.

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All-in-one project management

What a mess to work on separated softwares. With Pokémon Studio, it's time to bring them back together to improve the way you manage your project.

Make it as you want

With Pokémon Studio, you can create your own Fakemon, Items, Moves, Abilities... and many more.

Build a world full of imagination

Bring your Tiled maps, and build your world into Pokémon Studio.

Work as a team with Git

Pokémon Studio projects are versionable. No more conflicts between files and a much better organization.

Enjoy Pokémon features

Pokémon SDK is installed with each new project and already includes a lot of well-known Pokémon features.

Discover them

They use Pokémon Studio

Discover what makers do with Pokémon Studio, and why we think it's cool.

Get started

We all have to start somewhere.

Luckilly, Invatorzen created a bunch of video that might help you getting familiar with Pokémon Studio & making fangames.