Non-Binary Support

By default PSDK's genders are controlled by a switch, so TLDR this plugins goal is to switch it to a variable!

You can theoretically modify the script and add support for other things but let's go over some examples of how to use the script.


1.) Download the psdkplugin, throw it in your project's script folder
2.) Run the game

How to use

When starting your game, make sure you set the players gender through variable 495 so everything works properly.
By default the values are gonna represent:

  • 0 = female
  • 1 = male
  • 2 = nb

If you want it to display a different text based on the variable do something like \f[she§he§they] in your text!

How to change the variable​

By default the gender will be set to variable 495. If you want to change that, I advise you make a monkey-patch to change it. Something like:

# file: 00100 GenderVar.rb
module Yuki
  module Var
    GenderVar = 495 #Change me

How to set the overworld sprite​

Just like with default PSDK, set your character's appearance through a script command. As I said earlier, make sure variable 495 is equal to the proper value so everything will work properly. Assuming you've done that, it will now look for the appearance you set + "_m" _f" or "_nb"
For example: gp.set_appearance_set('hero_01_cindy') w/ variable 495 = 1 would load the graphic "hero_01_cindy_f_walk"

How to set the character's region map icon

Save an image in your graphics/interface/worldmap folder with the same name used for your character's overworld sprite.
For example: "hero_01_white_f_walking" would be "hero_01_white_1" in the worldmap folder.

How to set the bag

Just add another graphic to graphics/interface/bag called "bag_nb"