Here is a plug-in I was willing to add since a while, the famous Randomizer existing in a lot of fangames and rom hacks!

I'm looking towards creating a Randomizer similar to Universal Pokémon Randomizer but there are plenty functionalities to add, that I plan on adding step by step.


- Wild Pokémon Randomizer (fully random / shuffle)
- Trainer's Pokémon Randomizer (fully random / shuffle)
- Given Pokémon Randomizer (fully random / shuffle)
- Abilities Randomizer (fully random / shuffle)
- Evolutions Randomizer (fully random / shuffle)
- Moves Randomizer

This content may evolve and thus the plug-in may receive updates.

Important information

- The Shuffle Mode is a mode in which each entity is replaced by another one. Therefore for example, each Pikachu you should encounter in the game, may be replace by a Charizard.
- Note that in Shuffle Mode, the correspondance table changing one Pokémon by another is shared between Trainer and Wild Battles Mode!
- There is a handful of commands available, think of using the help command for each mode or sub section in the terminal, i.g. $randomizer.help ; $randomizer.abilities.help etc.

How to install the plug-in

1. Download Randomizer.zip and extract the files.
2. Move the Randomizer.psdkplug file in the "scripts" folder of your project.
3. Start the game.

Known Issues

None yet.

By Lexio